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Local Missions
Sri Lanka

Calvary Missions Committee                                                                      

         The CMC was formerly known as the Calvary Missions Fellowship (CMF). The change in name is to make its role more concise. CMC will basically continue to function like the CMF.  

The Structure of the CMC

         As a ministry of Calvary BP Church, the CMC reports to the Board of Elders (BOE), and comes under its authority and guidance. The CMC consists of a Chairman (Elder Foong), Vice-Chairman (Elder Mak), Secretary (Elder James How) and the heads of various sub-committees.

         The sub-committees are organised according to the countries in which we have missions commitments. They are, namely, Local and Malaysia (Preacher Boaz), Sri Lanka (Elder Foong), Thailand and China (Elder Mak) and Vietnam (Peter Goh). There is also a sub-committee headed by Elder James How that is responsible for editing the quarterly missions newsletter and organising the Annual Missions Conference.  

The Work of the CMC

         The primary role of CMC is to fulfil the Great Commission that our Lord Jesus Christ gives to His Church: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). The general direction of the CMC is to encourage church-wide participation in missions work. The CMC operates according to the missions policy of our Church. Under this mandate, the CMC has specific responsibilities in the following areas:

.     Providing for, and taking care of the missionaries supported by our Church;

.     Reviewing and recommending to the BOE, financial support for the missionaries and the needs of the mission stations;

.     Recommending to the BOE, support for new missions outreaches;

.     Interviewing missionaries who are considering working with our Church;

.     Providing counsel to Church members who are prayerfully considering going into full-time ministry service for the Lord;

.     Raising awareness of Church members to the Church's missions work by organising the Annual Missions Conference and publishing a quarterly newsletter;

.     Encouraging and challenging Church members in praying for, giving and going to missions; and

.     Organising and leading short-term mission trips for Church members and exposing them to the work of missions.

Please continue to pray for the CMC as we advance God's kingdom through the work of missions. 


Mission Reports

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2012 - Mission message by Dn Jeffrey

2011 May - Pastoral Missions Report (pdf)

2011 Mar - Pastoral Missions Report (pdf)

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2010 Jun - Pastoral Missions Report (pdf)

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