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Consider your ways! Consider STMT and E-band

Bro Yap Chuan Yu

“Then came the Word of the Lord by Haggai the prophet, saying, Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses, And this house lie waste? Now therefore thus said the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.” (Haggai 1:3-5) 

Every year, we make resolutions. To witness to at least ten people, to share the gospel with 12 of our colleagues…We pledge to God that we will talk to our loved ones and friends on God’s love and salvation. Yet more often than not, we would fail to deliver our promises and pledges. We are very much desirous to obey Jesus’ commandment to preach the gospel to all nations. Yet year after year, we regret, confess our sins of failures and start all over again and again. 

If this is who you are, consider your ways. Consider joining the Evangelistic-band. E-band is a door-to-door Church evangelistic effort to reach out to the neighborhoods. E-band is a group of brethren, going to neighborhood to give out gospel tracts, inviting residents to our Church services and children to Awana. There are ample opportunities for you to share the gospel and you will be surprised that there are so many who have not heard about gospel, and of our Savior Jesus Christ. Join the STMT and E-band and you will fulfill your pledges and deliver your promises to God on evangelism. 

If you have not experienced

. slamming of door in your face;

. mockery (“you Christians are worse than non- believers”);

. slandering (“your god is not as high as my god”);

. humiliation (he is polishing his toenails while you are sharing with him the gospel);

. rejection (“take back your tracts, I am not interested”); 

consider your witnessing life. Being mocked or slandered when sharing the gospel is part and parcel of Christian life at end times. Consider STMT and E-band. STMT and E-band will provide you on-the-job training. Initially, you will inevitably sweat and fear but eventually, even when faced with adversities, you will have become bold. 

C H Spurgeon once told of this story. “An infidel once met a Christian. ‘Because,’ said the other, ‘for years you have passed me on my way to my house of business. You believe, do you not, there is a hell, into which men's spirit are cast?’ ‘Yes, I do,’ said the Christian. ‘And you believe that unless I believe in Christ I must be sent there?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘You do not, I am sure, because if you did you must be a most inhuman wretch to pass me, day by day, and never tell me about it or warn me of it.’” 

This is a hard language and meant to hit us hard. If it did not have a hard impact on you, consider your ways. Consider joining the STMT and E-band. 




我们每年都立志要做许多事。向至少十个人做见证,向12 位同事分享福音我们承诺上帝我们会跟家人朋友宣扬上帝的爱和救恩。但我们常发现自己不能信守我们的承诺。我们都很想顺服耶稣的命令,向万国传福音。但年复一年,我们都懊悔时光的流逝,为着我们的失败而认罪,重新再来。



. 人在你面前用力甩门;

. 耻笑(你们基督徒比非信徒还要糟糕);

. 诬蔑(你的神没有我的神高强);

. 耻辱(你与他分享福音时,他正在修剪脚指甲);

. 拒绝(把单张拿回去,我没有兴趣 


真就曾经说过这一个事。一个教徒在见一位基督徒是说到:年来,你重来没有向我传过福音。你是真相信有地狱吗?基督徒说: ‘信。 那人继续说到:你是真相信基督救,否则每个人都要到地吗?’ ‘是。’‘不,你肯定信。为如果你真相信但却复一选择缄默,不告我也不警诫我,那么你肯定的人! 


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