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Dear readers, it has been a while since the last update . Do you know there has been a total of 4 visits this year to our Vietnamese missionary, by various church members including our Calvary Missions Fellowship committee members. Praise and thanks to our Lord for the constant increase in the extension of His kingdom. In Mar '07, CMF moved to support the start-up of hostel for workers and also the use of this premise for their Sunday Night Fellowship. There are about 22 in attendance then. In June they had a gospel rally and 6 souls are saved. Now they are about to complete their catechism class in preparation for baptism. 

The hostel has 8 occupants now and one brother is under training for fulltime ministry in answer to our Lord"s calling. Hostel fellowship attendance now stands about 30 people. 

Saturday night fellowship too has been started near our kindergarten area to meet the spiritual needs of university students and workers nearby. Out of the 15 in attendance one brother here too is preparing to serve the Lord fulltime. CMF is giving support to both that are preparing for fulltime ministry. 

Brethren, you may wonder why all this start-ups? Most of those worshipping do not go to church simply because there is few around and transportation is too costly for them to bear. 

Our Kindergarten has done well with about 70 children and there is not much space left. The writer"s visit happened during the graduation day and witnessed about 60 parents in the crowd. Our missionary couple is well received by them. They do regular visits to their homes, pray for open ears and eyes to their gospel witness. 

Recently, CMF also supports the training of 11 persons in theology class for those desiring to serve. They meet every Monday evening and one whole day class on the 1st Saturday of the month. 

Prayer Requests: Wisdom and grace for the mission couple in guiding the affairs of the demanding tasks ahead. Pray for the spiritual growth of the people in their care, that they may be able to labour in the Lord's harvest field. Kindergarten needs bigger place; presently we thank the Lord for enabling the kindergarten to take care of the couple's expenses, and by His grace it may do more than this.

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