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Threads of Triumphant Living for God

Speaker  : Preacher Lee Hann Yang

Dates       : June 18-19

Online Webinar


What to expect?

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Thin Threads

The little words and deeds of everyday life often reveal more about the Christian’s character than the occasional acts of public ministry. At this year’s Bible Conference, we examine the thin threads that, though important, often go unnoticed in the fabric of Christian living.

Healing Sutures

Many people in the church and society are reliant on
friends and loved ones for physical and emotional
support. These include the elderly, the sick, or those
with physical or mental disabilities.

How should Christians engage in the ministry of care, and how can Calvarians be more effective here?

Adorning Silk

Ordinary, everyday things speak of God’s greatness:
a menial task, a mundane duty, a gentle word or a
tiny gesture may go unnoticed, but they matter.
In this final session, we learn how the little things
can make a difference, and bolster our Christian
testimonies for God.

Saving Cords

Many of our loved ones need to hear the gospel, but
we often stop trying after one or two failed attempts.
How do we witness to the people we care about
most, and how long should we persevere in doing so?

Enduring Cables

Educating and nurturing children in the knowledge and fear of the Lord is repeatedly commanded throughout Scripture.

Christian parents, Christian educators and Christian mentors ensure the continuity of the gospel work.

Are you one?

Children's Program

No fear parents! Our church's Sunday School department has planned some wonderful activities for your children!

The 2021 Bible Conference has concluded!

We hope you have enjoyed the sermons and activities and we hope to see you at our next conference!

Click the button below to view the videos of the Zoom sessions over the 2 days of the conference.

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