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Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. - John 4:35

The aim of the Bible Study Groups is to provide an avenue for members of the church to come together to have a systematic study the Word of God. There are currently 15 BS groups. The BS groups are usually led by church session members.

Each BS group meets at a time and place of its own choosing. Some groups meet once a month, others meet fortnightly. 
(For more information about the Bible Study Groups, please e-mail us or contact the leader of the group.)

Most of the BS groups use materials that are written by our pastor. The church also organizes an annual Bible Study Seminar to help the BS leaders improve their teaching of God's Word. There is also an Annual Get-Together for all BS groups to allow for fellowship among members of different BS groups.

Jurong East: Leader - Edward Goh

3rd Saturday @ 4pm
Chen Liang Fang
Yang Mi Sn
Peter Wong
Bob Chan
Nina Tham
Peter Ho
Margaret Ho
Felicia Loh
Eric Goh
Edward Goh
Anne Goh

Ghim Moh: Leader -  Eld Lawrence Sim

1st Friday @ 8pm
Eld Lawrence Sim
Florence Sim
Philip Tang
Atchima Tang
Kevin Fonseka
Lena Fonseka

North East: Leaders - Dns Cheong Shou Swan & Dn Yeo Eng Hee

1st Friday @ 8pm
Dns Cheong Shou Swan
Dn Yeo Eng Hee
Wong Chew Ling
Dr Zhou Yi Eng
Wong Hui Fen
Velda Chew
Rosie Solomon
Bernard Moey
Jasmina Moey
Priscilla Toh
Ernice Lu
Tiong Ching Seong
Carol Tiong
Florence Loh
Sebastian Tan
Aileen Tan
Yang Xian Ping


Lakeside: Leader - Peter Goh

1st Saturday @ 7:30pm
Peter Goh
Angela Goh
Daniel Yeo
Suzie Yeo
Suraj Eapen
Richard Chua
Siew Shih Serng
Gary Tan
J Y Tan
Philip Tang

Thomas Low

Cindy Low

Lam Seng Fatt

Sally Lam


Pilgrims: Leader - Thomas Lee

2nd Saturday @ 7:15pm & 4th Sunday @ 8:45am
Dn David Su
Thomas Lee
Lim Gek Yen
Jerald Lee
Chan Ching Wei
Joseph Sen
Hannah Sen
David Kwa
Sharon Kwa
Melissa Low

Simon Lee

Rachel Lee


Hokkien: Leader - Dorothy Koh

2nd & 4th Saturday @ 2:30-5pm
Dorothy Koh
Dns Cheong Shou Swan
Catherine Leong (Mrs)
Willie Quek
Jacqueline Lee
Soh Kee Beng
Ong Lay Kim
Chua Sze Chiang
Chua Swee Chuan
Leng Ah Peng
Lee Jet Wah
Low Bee Suat 
Doris Tan
Tan Khuang Ngiap
Tan Kim Eng
Aw Miao Eng
Tang Mee Fui

Jurong Lake: Leader - Eld Vincent Lee

2nd Friday @ 8pm

Regina Lee
Joanne Ow
Ow Kah Leong
Luke Ow
Ee Jia
Siew Shih Sherng
Joyce Siew

Jurong West: Leader - Jeffrey Soh

2nd Friday @ 8pm
Jeffrey Soh
Ginny Soh
Eric Loh
Winnie Loh
Robin Samuel
Sarah Samuel
Karen Yap
Wilson Shih
Julie Shih
Francis Ong
Sharon Ong
Lai Yip Sin
Betty Lai


West Coast: Leader - Lam Chun See

1st Friday @ 8pm
Lam Chun See
Loh Ker Chern
Loh Lee Wong
Koh Chern Chern
Yong Mew Kim
Sally Chin
Silvin Leong
Toh Hai Moy
Eunice Ho

Doreen Heng


Taman Jurong: Leader - Pastor Peter Tan

4th Friday @ 8pm
Pastor Peter Tan
Thng Cheok Meng
Jessie Thng
Tina Boo
Boo Kheng Hua

Mrs Ella Wong
Iris Han
Sim Poh Choo
Sim Poh Geok
Shirley Yeo
Evelyn Pang
James Koh
Ruth Choo
James Lim


CBPC: Leader - Mrs Patricia Lin

3rd Wednesday @ 8pm
Mrs Patricia Lin
Ang Choon Bok
Tracy Ang
Jessie Tan
Frankie Cheow
Catherine Cheow
Samuel Wong
Teo Siew Tin
William Wee
Susan Wee
Daisy Chua


Clementi: Leader - Eld Willie Low

3rd Saturday @ 8pm
Eld Willie Low
Catherine Low
Eld Lawrence Sim
Florence Sim
Wilson Low
Low Bee Suat
Christine Fong
Lawrence Ng
William Low
Maverick S
Goh Thiam Hock
Chua Chai Huan
Eld Kevin Leong
Catherine Leong

Faber: Leader - Eld Foong KY

4th Friday @ 8pm
Eld Vincent Lee
Regina Lee
Eld Foong
Maggie Foong
Henry Piong
Lena Piong
Alfred Cheng
Joan Cheng
Linda Ng
Walter Tan 
Annie Tan
Ong Chia Choon
Roger Wong
John Chan


Neighborhood: Leaders - Suraj & Maverick

2nd Friday @ 8pm

Suraj & Family

Maverick & Family

John Tarinay

Love Tarinay



YAF: Leaders - Dn Lam Weng Ngai, Aaron Wee,

Elijah Lin, Nicholas Lu & Sean Wong

2nd Saturday @ 7pm

University Bible Study (UBS): Leader - Matthew Sim

Advisor - Pastor Isaac Ong

2nd & 4th Fridays @ 8pm
Tertiary Students

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