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Venue: Room 4.1 (2nd Sanctuary)  4th Saturdays, 7.30pm 

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.
- John 4:35


Calvary FOCUS Ministries is open to all adult worshippers of Calvary BP Church. It is our desire to build strong, godly families, which are the foundation of a strong church. Led by Elder Lawrence Sim and a team of church members from various walks of life, this outreach aims to meet your needs with the following objectives:  

*    To Help - Families with problems     
*    To Educate - Address practical issues faced by Christians today.     
*    To Strengthen - Build up bonds / fellowship.     
*    To Counsel - Those in trouble.     

While some of the programmes planned may suit all ages, others may target specific groups (e.g. young parents, retirees, families, working adults, married couples, etc.). In other words, Calvary FOCUS Ministries is for you. It is our prayer that you will actively involve yourself in this Fellowship Group, benefit from it, and grow together as "Followers of Christ United in Service" (FOCUS).

​Program in store

  1. Bible-based forums & workshops on life issues, family, work, relationships, health, etc. 

  2. Film show evenings 

  3. Building counselling skills

  4. Video lectures & discussions on Christian living, etc. and more!    

  5. CFM Fellowship Walks at Local Parks and Places of Interest

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