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Venue: 2nd Sanctuary - Level 4
Meets: 1:15pm every Sunday

In-Charge: Bernard Moey

The Church Choir ministry seeks to edify believers in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in our hearts to our Lord (Col. 3:16). Praise items are presented regularly at Worship Services, as well as on special occasions such as Good Friday, Easter, Reformation Sunday, and Christmas. The Choir also works closely with our Mandarin Church Choir for combined presentations. Musical mission trips are also organised on an ad hoc basis.

We welcome believers who have been worshipping with us regularly to join the Church Choir. The ability to read music is not a requirement. The only requisites are that members enjoy singing praises to God and come with a dedicated heart to serve Him in this ministry. 

Church Choir


Venue: Room 2-12
Meets: 12:30pm every Sunday

In-Charge: Boon Suan, Evelyn & Deacon David

The Calvary Junior Choir comprises children aged 4-14 years old, who dedicate their voices and time in humble service to God.  The children meet on Sundays at 12.30-1pm to practise, shepherded by Sisters Boon Suan, Evelyn and Deacon David.

Praise items are presented during worship services and on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas. 

By regularly praising God through songs and recitation of Bible verses, we pray that the Junior Choir Ministry will be a platform for our little ones to learn to serve God joyfully and faithfully, and to grow in their love and understanding of God.

Junior Choir.png
Junior Choir


Venue: Sanctuary - Level 3
Meets: 4-5pm every Saturday

In-Charge: Daniel Wu

Calvary Ensemble brings together string and wind instrumentalists dedicated to glorifying God and edifying His people through music.

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.
Psalms 34:3

This verse embodies the ensemble's ministry objectives, in a two-fold invitation extended to:

  1. the congregation of God's people to join us in meditative and jubilant worship of our Almighty God; and

  2. likeminded musicians who have a heart for the church's music ministry, to serve and fellowship together.

Committed to our almost weekly Saturday 4-5pm rehearsals, we spur one another in our love for the Lord, and encourage growth in both musicianship and stewardship.

The ensemble enriches worship through accompanying congregational singing, presenting praise items in collaboration with the church choirs, and rendering instrumentals.

Calvary Ensemble
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